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About Us


Sri Lanka Web Server is Sri Lanka's latest e-commerce & news web site. With a wide variety of information coverage it’s primary goal is to provide a world class service to Sri Lankans and Foreigners alike. Basically focusing mainly in promoting inbound tourism, e-business and highlighting the on going development activities in the country in our journey towards becoming the Wonder of Asia within a few years.

Sri Lanka Web Server was formed in 1994 and it's principals were set by ambitious Sri Lankan entrepreneurs. Since then growth of the site has been exponential with global presence and skilled employees.

Our innovations inspired by the company's spirit of creativity and passion have resulted in it’s unprecedented success. We remain ambitious and committed towards finding original ways of connecting people across the world.

As a result we are now upgrading our Sri Lanka Web Server site to serve the people better and meet the future challenges. We see a huge growth potential in the future in e- business and e- communication.